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Window Tint Meter - Model TM100

Accurately displays light transmission percentages of tinted windows
Simple One Piece Slotted Design with Automatic On/Off

Now with proven accuracy to within 2 percentage points determine the light transmission of tinted automobile windows.
Easy To Operate - A complete test takes less than a minute. Sophisticated circuitry, does all the work when a meter is pressed over a rolled down window. Because there are no knobs to turn or buttons to push minimal training is required.
Works Day Or Night - Variations in light transmission readings cannot be affected by external lighting conditions.

Auto-Calibrating Design - Which means sending a meter back for recalibration is never necessary. It also guarantees consistent, accurate test results. To verify accuracy, 2 N.I.S.T. traceable test standards are supplied with each meter.

Features Include - Recertification Program - One year warranty
Two N.I.S.T.. traceable standard test panels - Certificate of Accuracy
25,000 + meters in use! - Dimensions are 5.5" x 3.25" x l.5" LED Wavelength is 550 nanometers. - Accuracy of plus or minus 2% points One 9 volt battery required, not included

Availability: In Stock Usually Ships Next Business Day

TM100 Window Tint Meter TM100$76.95

Tint Meter Reference Sample
Tint Meter Reference Sample

Reference Samples to Test Tint Meter Accuracy.

Availability: In Stock Usually Ships Next Business Day

Tint Meter Reference Sample refsample$15.00

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